Some illustrative examples...


Case study #1: Two bedroom apartment

High season rental only, for 7 weeks at 1,000 euros/week. Current management costs: 10%, or 700 euros.

By subscribing to the High season price plan (July/August) for 420 euros (or 35 euros/month), you save 280 euros, a reduction of 40%.


Case study #2: Four bedroom villa

The property is rented 11 weeks on average across high, mid and low seasons, with a weekly rent of 2,000 euros/week for the high season, 1,200 euros/week for the mid season and 800 euros/week for the low season. Current management costs are 15%, or 2,640 euros.

By subscribing to the Full season price plan (May to September) at 1,000 euros (or 83 euros/month) + 1 off-plan arrival (100 euros), you save 1,540 euros, a reduction of 58%


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