The preferred partner for the rental of your holiday home in Corsica

We specialise in the management of arrivals and departures for the rental of holiday homes in Corsica. We work in partnership with private owners, estate agents and tour operators with the aim to provide flexible, quality solutions, at a low cost.

You are a private owner but not present locally, or you do not have the capacity to deal with your guests or cleaning personnel?

We are not an estate agent and we do not take commissions. Our price plans, from 25 euros per month, are:

  • Transparent : a monthly subscription, whatever your rental income. No commission.
  • Flexible : choose the plan that suits your needs. You can change or upgrade your plan at any time.
  • Competitive : do the maths! Compare our prices with those of your current partner.

Our network of multi-lingual reps across Corsica is here to meet your needs.

You want to learn more? Review our benefits, services and price plans or simply express your interest by contacting us.

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